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Phamily & Photography

I was discussing the game plan for an upcoming photo gig for Sage and Habitat for Humanity with the social media specialist when a question about Isocandid's photography equipment came up. Of course I was excited to detail how this once hobby has become a major recipient of the households pay check.

As I began to rattle of the equipment we have in place for the Habitat for Humanity project, I simultaneously began thinking "I need to get this , and that, and another this, and a new that". Then reality ($$$) abruptly ended those thoughts, but within those thoughts was the proud fact that all of the women in my life (wife and three daughters) all have Nikon DSLRs. They also have the ability to produce high quality, professional grade images and all have an outstanding eye. They also always shoot in Manual mode, which is the purest method of shooting. You are the artist, the director, the producer, the editor when shooting in manual, which makes the images so much more special

I love my phamily, and I especially love our shared affinity toward photography and the importance of living, loving and preserving RAW file at a time.

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