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About us

Isocandid Photography was birthed from a lifetime attraction to artistically capturing special moments. The passion that fuels Isocandid began with a few co-workers investing in quality imagery equipment to grow our skill and transfer that passion into print photography. 

Photographing various scenes, people and events consumed us to the point we were using every moment of free time not working our primary jobs.  We researched, trained and perfected our style and creativity and after countless hours over the course of several months Stevenson Jean-Pierre, Shawn Robertson and I decided to enter the professional arena.  Our commitment, invested time and effort into developing an individual style and perspective of shooting married well as one. Isocandid Photography was born!

Experiences from past direct involvement with other photographers, listening to clients their own experiences with other photographers revealed a void while highlighting what would become the core focus of Isocandid Photography. Our personalities made capturing the essence of life's greatest moments fun, enjoyable and eternally fulfilling. Isocandid Photography had found its niche!

Today, almost seven years since its inception, Isocandid Photography has grown in its cliental, skillset, commitment, passion and staff. Our staff, consisting of Stevenson Jean-Pierre, Yolanda Driver-Reese, Matia Wright, Cayce Reese, Jaslyn Brown and myself, James Reese Jr. comprise a gem of a team to work with that is focused on delivering not only a perfect, professional finished product, but an outstanding experience. From start to delivery. Isocandid Photography Family!

As the name creatively eludes, we LOVE the candid moments of every shoot. As we put out heart and soul into each session’s purpose, while fulfilling the desires of our clients, we embrace and capture the "in between" moments.  An unexpected smile or laugh, hugs of family and friends, laughable name it! Our goal and passion is to capture it all, enabling our clients and all that view our work the ability to relive those moments as they were when they initially happened – “Isocandid(ly)!”

Our Staff


James Reese





Matia Wright



Yolanda Driver- Reese



Jaslyn Brown



Cayce Reese


Our Tools

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